Pain At The Base Of The Left Index Finger That Makes It Difficult To Move?

Illustration of Pain At The Base Of The Left Index Finger That Makes It Difficult To Move?
Illustration: Pain At The Base Of The Left Index Finger That Makes It Difficult To Move?

, I’ve been feeling this pain for more than 1 month. At first I thought it would get better by itself. Until I forgot when it started to hurt. The base of my left index finger is still movable, but it can’t be used properly. You can’t even tie your shoelaces, you can’t even grip your shoes. if depressed / used a little severe pain. When bent at a maximum angle of 90 °. No bruises, no swelling. R nI remember when I woke up I started to feel this pain. No strenuous activity before. R n r nWhat happened to my finger and what should I do? R n r nThank you

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Hello, good evening Ndahma.

The pain at the base of the finger that you experience can be caused by several possible diseases, including;

a history of injury / trauma that results in damage to the tissues that make up the joints, such as muscles, joints, tendons (the tissue that connects bones to muscles), and ligaments (tissue that connects bones to bones)
joint inflammation due to gout (gout arthritis)
joint inflammation due to rheumatoid arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis)
neurological disorders, such as carpal tunnel syndrome

trigger finger condition, which is a condition of thickening and swelling of the tendon due to prolonged irritation and inflammation of the tendon covering.

To ascertain the cause of your condition, it is recommended that you check with your doctor directly. The doctor will dig up complaints and past medical history, perform related physical examinations, and support examinations if necessary. These supporting examinations include blood lab tests, X-rays, MRI, etc.

While waiting for your schedule to see a doctor, here are some suggestions that we can give:

rest the stiff fingers for a while. Avoid typing, writing, and other movements that require the help of your index finger for a long time
if the pain is very disturbing you can take paracetamol to help relieve pain
avoid massaging the hands too tightly so as not to trigger a worsening of the condition

Hopefully this will help.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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