Pain Behind The Knee?

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Pain in the back of the knee is something that often occurs in old age, but it does not rule out the possibility that it can occur at an age like your husband.

Causes of pain in the back of the knee due to:

Trauma to the knee joint when your husband plays futsal or badminton
Ligament trauma around the knee
Tense knee muscles
Inflammation of the joints or osteoarthritis
Bone tumors

The risk factors for someone experiencing knee pain are:

Have experienced trauma
Excess weight
Certain types of sports: basketball, football, badminton

You can consult a doctor to get treatment and examinations such as anamnesis (questions and answers about your disease), physical examination, supporting examinations (blood test, X-ray, or CT scan) because through this examination you can see the condition of your bones and knee joints.

You can do the following to reduce pain:

- Minimize work or movement of the knee

- Much rest

- Compress with ice water

- If you have pain, you can take paracetamol

For more info, you can read related articles: knee pain

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