Pain Disappear From Knee Injuries?

Illustration of Pain Disappear From Knee Injuries?
Illustration: Pain Disappear From Knee Injuries?

Good evening, I’m 19 years old. A few months ago my knee was injured and I was referred to see a neurologist. The doctor said my knee ligaments were interested. Then, the doctor prescribed some medicine and my knee gradually improved but when my knee held back something hard it was very painful and difficult to move. Until now the pain disappeared. Why yes? Do I need to go back to the doctor?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Your complaint can occur due to several possibilities, including inflammation of the joints, infection, and injury to the supporting structures of the limbs, it can be muscles, ligaments, meniscus, tendons, or nerves.

With regard to this condition, it is actually not appropriate when you go to a neurologist, because this problem is the competence of orthopedics or orthopedics. In addition, if the context is injured, the majority of injuries will damage other supporting tissues first, then to the nerves, because the nerves are very deep. If then your orthopedic doctor says there is no abnormality in its structure, there is no injury and inflammation, then you check yourself with a neurologist, to find out possible abnormalities in the nerve.

Therefore our advice to you, it is true that you should consult your doctor, but go to the orthopedic doctor to find out if there are torn ligaments, or something like that. Your doctor will do some maneuvers by moving your feet, and can also do supporting examinations such as CT scans or x-rays. The handling that you will receive later depends on the results of this inspection.

Meanwhile, there is no need to worry too much, maintain ideal body weight, avoid activities that involve hard work on the leg area such as running and jumping, warm compresses to the painful area, and check yourself immediately. So, hopefully answering your question.

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