Pain Every Urination And Clear White Mucus?

Illustration of Pain Every Urination And Clear White Mucus?
Illustration: Pain Every Urination And Clear White Mucus?

Hello, I have been suffering from pains for a long time but in the past few days it has gotten worse, it feels like holding my pee for hours, and the V part is painful every time I urinate, and sometimes clear white mucus, bladder feels full, even after pee the pain is intense, as if semen is retained and does not want to come out, it feels very uncomfortable and sick, why is that? Do you have to see a doctor directly for an examination? thank you

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Hello Lia, thank you for asking to

Let me introduce myself, Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Some possible diseases that occur to you are:

Urinary tract infection.
Bacterial Vaginosis.
Sexually transmitted disease.
Mix of several possibilities above.

The signs and symptoms that occur in urinary tract infections are usually felt is discomfort during urination such as heat, pain, and feeling dissatisfied / complete. This complaint is often accompanied by fever, blood appears in the urine.

In bacterial vaginosis is an infection of the vagina due to disruption of normal flora in the vagina. Normal flora is a kind of good bacteria that functions as the immune system. Normal flora can grow too much or too little so the infection can enter. Often this condition does not cause symptoms, but usually appears thin, gray / white, and usually smells fishy.

Furthermore, sexually transmitted diseases are diseases that are transmitted through internal contact. There are many types of sexually transmitted diseases such as gonorrhea, syphilis, clamydia, HIV, etc. But if you have never had sexual relations, you can get rid of this possibility.

In some of the symptoms above can be found to overlap with one another. So sometimes doctors are difficult to distinguish. Therefore, I suggest you to come to a general practitioner first to be questioned more fully, physical examination and support if needed, such as a blood check, fluid urination, etc. in order to establish a diagnosis, and if necessary, certain specialists will advise you to be referred.

Right now what you can do to alleviate / prevent the symptoms that you are experiencing is

Avoid cleaning the female organs using feminine area cleansing soap too often, because it can kill good bacteria / normal flora in the vagina.
Use pantyliners and bath soaps that are not accompanied by antiseptics to enter the vagina.
Do not have sex first because there is still the possibility of sexually transmitted diseases.
Don't use pants that are too tight.
Change panties as often as possible to avoid moisture.
Avoid cigarettes and alcohol.
Get enough rest and maintain your diet.
Consult yourself to the doctor.
Wash from front to back when after defecating.
Do not take any medication without doctor's advice.

That's all the answers I give, hopefully always healthy.

Thank you :)

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