Pain In Appendix Surgery Scars?

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amu’alaikum, my name is raju saifudin 21 years old. I want to ask for almost 2 weeks, I have been experiencing pain in my appendix surgery, so it’s only been a few days since I’ve had difficulty in chapters and when I’m stuck, I feel like throwing up, why? I had appendectomy 1 year ago.

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Hi Mr Raju,

Pain in the lower left abdomen can be caused by several things such as: postoperative adhesions, ileus, urinary tract stones.

Adhesion is a cold-wall adhesion of two or more adjacent organs, this adhesion causes impaired function of these organs. If it occurs in the intestine, it can cause peristalsis, intermittent pain in the adhesive area, nausea and vomiting, digestive disorders such as constipation. Adhesion is an unavoidable complication of medical procedures such as surgery, pleural puncture or ascites puncture.

Ileus is a disorder of intestinal peristalsis due to blockage (tumor, cancer, worms), adhesions (adhesions) or hypokalemia. Symptoms include abdominal pain, heartburn or stabbing, nausea, vomiting, constipation, fever (if there is an infection) and feeling weak.

Urinary tract stones will cause intermittent pain that radiates to the waist and back. followed by a history of sandy urination or bladder pain, a feeling like incompleteness, anyang-anyangan, a burning sensation or reddish to cloudy urine color.

The examination can be in the form of a physical examination of the abdomen, ultrasound of the urinary tract, CT-Csan or MRI if needed will provide a more specific picture of the abdominal organ tissue.

You can consult this situation with a surgeon for further treatment. Adhesion treatment generally only provides analgesics or pain medication to reduce symptoms, if the adhesion is not too severe then surgical removal is not considered. Ileus treatment according to the cause such as correction of potassium by infusion or medication, surgery if necessary. Stones can be given a BAK smoothing drug in the hope that if the small stone size can pass by itself, but if the size is large enough it is recommended for manual surgery or crushing therapy with waves, stone treatment is done to prevent the severity of complications such as kidney failure.

Meanwhile, what you can do at home, such as: Eat nutritious food, just drink 1.5-2 liters a day, don't hold your bladder, eat fibrous fruits and vegetables to facilitate digestion. Avoid pushing or carrying things that are too heavy, limit it to 3 kilos. Go up and down the stairs slowly. Light exercise according to ability and routine. Lose weight if you are obese. Avoid injury or impact trauma in the abdominal area. Warm compresses on the stomach.

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