Pain In Cesarean Section Wounds.?

Illustration of Pain In Cesarean Section Wounds.?
Illustration: Pain In Cesarean Section Wounds.?

I am however having a decent amount of bloating so my stomach is slightly inflated at the top of the navel. The pain is just below the navel above the wound. Is that the cause?

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Hello Regina,

When did you have a cesarean? Caesarean wound can indeed be painful, usually the pain will improve within a few weeks after surgery. But the healing process is still ongoing for the next few months.

During the healing process, mothers are advised to limit movements that are too extreme, avoid lifting heavy objects, and avoid sports / activities that are too heavy. Increased pressure on the stomach can also aggravate pain. If you cough or sneeze try to put a pillow on your stomach to reduce pain.

Are you currently hospitalized or at home? Pain in addition to being associated with surgery can also be caused by post-operative infections as well as the attachment of scar tissue from the surgery with organs in the abdomen around the former operation. This is where the importance of keeping the operating wound dry and clean to prevent infection.

Did you get pain medication? Postoperatively, obstetricians generally give medicines to reduce pain and prevent infection. You should take medicine according to doctor's orders, or you can also take over-the-counter painkillers.

However, if the pain is getting worse, or now it is more than 6 weeks postoperatively but the pain is still felt, you should control your obstetrician again so that you can evaluate the condition of the surgical scar and so that you can be given further maximum treatment, yes.

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