Pain In Right Abdomen After 2 Months Of Ovarian Cyst Surgery?

Illustration of Pain In Right Abdomen After 2 Months Of Ovarian Cyst Surgery?
Illustration: Pain In Right Abdomen After 2 Months Of Ovarian Cyst Surgery? Bing

Tonight, I had ovarian cyst surgery 2 months ago now I feel pain in the right side of the uterus, is it normal or is there another disease?rnThank you

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Ovarian cyst surgery can be performed by conservative methods (laparotomy) or laparoscopically. The recovery process after cyst surgery depends on several factors such as the size and condition of the cyst, whether there are other accompanying medical conditions, operating techniques, postoperative patient activities and patient compliance with postoperative doctor recommendations.

If the ovarian cyst removal technique uses laparotomy, then optimal recovery should occur within 8 weeks (2 months). However, usually when there is an unfavorable surgical wound healing process, it can also trigger pain in the area of ​​the surgical incision.

While the laparoscopic technique, usually the surgical wound recovery process is faster, which is a maximum of 3 weeks.

Whether the right lower abdominal pain you feel is related to the previous surgical removal of an ovarian cyst, of course it cannot be ascertained without direct medical examination. Lower right abdominal pain can be related to medical conditions reproductive problems such as symptoms related to menstruation, release of eggs during ovulation, ectopic pregnancy, miscarriage, endometriosis, benign uterine tumors, problems with the cervix, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, sexually transmitted diseases and symptoms of uterine cancer. Usually when it is caused by reproductive problems, complaints of vaginal discharge, abnormal menstrual cycles, and pain during sexual intercourse will appear.

In addition, other medical problems such as abdominal muscle problems (injury/bruising), bowel problems, appendicitis, bladder and kidney problems, and hip fractures.

There are so many possible causes of lower right abdominal pain as you feel. So it is necessary to explain the intensity of the pain, does the pain feel like it is being stabbed/pressed/tied/hit by a blunt object, since when does it hurt, does the pain go away and comes on or feels continuous, does the pain improve with certain positions, does the pain get worse with certain positions? , is there a specific trigger. In addition, a detailed direct physical examination is required. If it is suspected because of a serious medical condition, the doctor may suggest supporting tests such as blood tests, vaginal mucus tests (if there is vaginal discharge) and abdominal ultrasound.

So you should check with your doctor to make sure what the underlying diagnosis is for abdominal pain.

While at home, do some tips that might relieve stomach pain such as 15-20 minutes of warm compresses on the painful stomach area, set eating hours well, reduce heavy lifting/running/jumping activities, use pants that have a looser waist.

Read here about Lower Abdominal Pain.

That's the information we can share, hopefully it helps you.

Best regards, Dr Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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