Pain In The Area Around The Groin And The Top Of The Testicles?

Night? I have pain in my thighs above the testicles, it hurts to my stomach when I press it with my hands, it feels sakiy

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Hello, Abdon

The pain in the area around the wrist and the upper part of the testicles that radiates to the abdomen can be affected by various factors, such as

Muscle pain, usually this occurs as a result of doing strenuous physical activity such as lifting heavy objects, or sports such as sprinting, for example where the person is not used to sports
Urinary tract infection

Testicular torsion, is a condition in which the tissue resembles the fibers of the testicle-stomach twisted

Epididymitis, inflammation of the sperm ducts behind the testicles

Hernia, a condition in which the muscle wall weakens, so that the tissue inside can stick out into other parts and cause pain. One of the most common hernias is a hernia in the lower abdomen that enters the testicular sac.

However, each of the conditions described above is not necessarily the same as that experienced by Abdon, that is, an examination by a doctor is needed to obtain more information through a physical examination and also a medical interview, if the information obtained is still unable to provide a description of the disease that is the cause of the pain. then additional examinations such as x-rays, ultrasound, blood tests, urine tests may be needed. So Abdon is expected to see a doctor

As an initial treatment, Abdon can try the following tips

Drink lots of water
As much as possible avoid strenuous physical activity, while getting more rest
When you want to defecate, you should wait until you really want to defecate so you don't push too much

May be useful

dr. Arnold

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