Pain In The Area Of ​​the Lower Left Abdomen, Waist And Thighs During Menstruation?

Illustration of Pain In The Area Of ​​the Lower Left Abdomen, Waist And Thighs During Menstruation?
Illustration: Pain In The Area Of ​​the Lower Left Abdomen, Waist And Thighs During Menstruation?

Good morning,? Sya want to ask pain in the left lower abdomen, why? My chest also likes tightness, my urine is also yellow, but indeed from the first time I urinated yellow, I also happen to be menstruating, so the pain in the lower abdomen together, then my waist aches and my thighs too, what are the signs? that?

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Hi Darmin,

Thank you for asking

It feels pain in the area of ​​the lower left abdomen, hips and thighs in women usually occurs naturally during menstruation. This pain occurs mainly related to fluctuations in reproductive hormones that have an effect on uterine muscle contractions that are severe enough to cause pain, especially in the lower abdomen, but can also spread to other areas around it. These hormonal changes are also responsible for the increase in stomach acid. As a result, many women who are menstruating will experience complaints, such as nausea, tightness, bloating, decreased appetite, easy satiety, throat feels lumpy, and so on. In more severe conditions, hormonal changes during menstruation can also cause sufferers to experience dizziness, headaches, aching rheumatic pain, weakness, fatigue, mood swings, and so on, which affects their daily activities.

The yellow urine does not always indicate a disease. It could be, this condition is a natural thing to happen if you drink less or consume too much food, drink, or yellow medicine.

You should first try the following steps so that your complaint improves:

Use warm water compresses on painful parts of the body. Don't massage painful body areas. Drink more, preferably warm water, at least 2 liters per day. Eat regularly. Reduce foods and drinks that often aggravate pain, for example chili, milk or processed products. , foods that are acidic and contain a lot of gas, carbonated drinks Be diligent in exercising every 3 to 4 times a week No stress or excessive anxiety Keep your weight so that it is always ideal If your complaints are still not improving even after undergoing the above tips optimally, do not hesitate to check go directly to the doctor or a specialist in internal medicine, yes. Under certain conditions, you can also see a variety of complaints as a sign of a viral or bacterial infection, pelvic inflammation, inflammation of the urinary tract, endometriosis, dyspepsia (increased stomach acid), inflammation of the intestine, canal stones urinary, psychological disorders, fibromyalgia, and so on. Through a doctor's examination carefully, or assisted with supporting examinations, for example USG, laboratory tests, x-rays, and so on, of course your condition can be handled optimally.

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