Pain In The Back And Waist?

Illustration of Pain In The Back And Waist?
Illustration: Pain In The Back And Waist?

Good night doc. I want to ask, these past two days my back feels so tight. The left waist is really tight. I want to stand up or sit sick sick. I don’t have any falls. What is the nervousness huh? Just because of my left wrist sometimes it hurts. I am very scared.

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Pain in the back and waist needs to be explored further first. Since when these symptoms appear, the characteristics of pain felt, intensity of pain felt, distribution or spread of pain felt, other complaints felt (tingling, paralysis, pain during urination, abnormalities in urine, etc.), history of past illness , history of trauma / impact on the back and waist, history of accidents, history of treatment that has been done to relieve symptoms experienced.

Pain in the back and waist can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Injury to muscles, tissues, tendons of the back and waist.
Cracks or vertebral fractures due to impact.
Pinched spinal cord.
Impaired kidney function (swollen kidneys, kidney stones, kidney infections).
Tumors of the kidneys or spinal arrangement.
Urinary tract infections.

Further examination is needed related to the condition of pain that you experience. It is advisable to consult a doctor regarding your complaint so that a thorough history, physical examination, and supporting examinations such as laboratory, blood, urine, or X-ray of the spine, MRI, or CT Scan can be done if necessary or found indications to do the inspection.

It is recommended to avoid activities that are too heavy, lifting heavy loads, ensuring daily fluid needs are met by consuming enough water, it is not advisable to take alternative treatments, it is not advisable to take self-medication without doctor's instructions.

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