Pain In The Back Area When Laughing?

Illustration of Pain In The Back Area When Laughing?
Illustration: Pain In The Back Area When Laughing?

Why do you think the kidneys hurt when laughing and how to deal with or alleviate the pain?

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Hello Rina, thank you for asking.

You need to confirm in advance, exactly which part you mean by the kidney. According to the anatomy of the human body, the two kidneys are located in the back of the abdominal cavity, under the rib cage. If the kidneys are having problems, then pain can be felt in the back area under the ribs. However, the area is not only filled by the kidneys. That is, pain in the area, not necessarily caused by kidney disorders.

Pain in the back area, especially when certain muscle movements occur such as when laughing, may be caused by:

Muscle ache.
Bruised areas of the skin and under the skin.
Spinal disorders.
Spinal cord disorders.
Kidney problems.
Problems with shoulder blades.

You can consult a doctor to get a physical examination and supporting examination. The doctor may need to do a radiological examination such as ultrasound, X-ray, or CT-scan and MRI. The treatment will be adjusted to the doctor's findings. You can try stretching the muscles lightly to train the back muscles, if a disorder is suspected to occur in the back muscles. Drinking 2 L water per day as a first step to prevent kidney problems.

I hope this information is helpful. Regards.

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