Pain In The Back Of The Back Radiates To The Shoulders And Shortness Of Breath After Injury?

Illustration of Pain In The Back Of The Back Radiates To The Shoulders And Shortness Of Breath After Injury?
Illustration: Pain In The Back Of The Back Radiates To The Shoulders And Shortness Of Breath After Injury?

so I once fell from a height, then my back hit the end of the table and as soon as I saw a bruise and I felt pain but I thought it was normal. Then the next day I did my routine, which is to follow badminton, everything is still fine but at night My whole body was in pain, pain, numbness, and some swelling and finally I was a little massaged but it turned out that my right hand sprained even worse until I had to use a hand hanger. after wearing a hand hanger for 7 days I decided to remove it because I already feel good but after removing the hanger my right hand feels weird like numbness and my shoulder hurts when carrying a bag or lifting heavy weights and my spine seems to be bulging and swollen, even the swelling up to my legs and along with my neck which feels stiff and tongue the right side feels stiffer and slower. And I also have a complaint back and shoulder pain accompanied by shortness of breath. I told my sports teacher but he said that it was a pinched nerve because his child had experienced the same thing as me but it has been almost 2 months that I have experienced this condition and have been to the doctor but not yet to the doctor specialist because I don’t know for sure. I’ve tried taking pain relievers from the doctor but to no avail. Even now the pain has spread to the entire spine. And I also often feel spine like pain, numbness, tingling. guess what disease ??? Thank you.

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Hello Haura.

Thank you for the question.

The spine is the support for the body so that it can stand upright properly. The human spine is made up of bones and nerve fibers. These nerve fibers function to transmit stimuli received by the body and then channeled to the brain for interpretation and then the brain channels back to provide feedback. These nerve fibers transmit and receive stimulation not only to the limbs and feet, but other organs such as the intestines for bowel movements, the skin as a channel and receiver of stimuli or sensations that may be received as tingling. The spine and nerve fibers can be affected. This disorder can be caused by:

Injury or accident
Bacterial infections such as tuberculous sondylitis
Parasitic infections such as worms
Herniated Nucleus Pulposus or pinched nerve

Your case may be a combination of an injury to the spine which results in shifting the curvature pattern of the spine resulting in nerve clamping. Or an injury to the spine that causes the bone to twist or break, causing severe pain and swelling which presses on the nerve fibers around the spine in that area. To confirm the disease, a doctor must conduct a medical interview, physical examination, and additional examinations. The examinations that need to be done by the doctor are X-rays and MRI. You should check with a Neurologist to confirm the disease you are currently suffering from.

The complications that may arise if not treated immediately are:

paralysis of the lower limbs
incontinence or unable to hold back urination and bowel movements

Suggestions for now:

immediately consult a neurologist

do not massage or massage the affected area as this can aggravate the condition
take pain relievers
alternating warm compresses and cold compresses
do not carry out the activity of lifting objects
do not drink alcoholic beverages
do not smoke

Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


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