Pain In The Back Of The Thigh Radiates To The Back Of The Waist After A Long Journey?

Good afternoon. R nOnce a week ago my husband had just come home from a long day away. 5 days my husband felt pain in the back of the thigh translucent front of the thigh to the waist. What initial handling should I do ?? thank you

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Muscle strains occur when muscles are too stretched or even torn. The condition occurs due to fatigue, overuse, or wrong in moving muscles. Muscle strains can occur in all muscles, but the most common occurs in the lower back, neck, shoulder, and back muscles of the thigh or hamstring. This condition can cause symptoms of pain and difficulty moving the affected muscles.

In mild muscle strains, the muscles will feel a little stiff, but can still be moved for certain activities. In severe muscle strains, for example due to torn muscles, causing movement to be very limited. Symptoms of mild to moderate muscle strains can usually heal within a few weeks. While in severe muscle strains healing takes up to several months.

Muscle strains can be treated at home, by doing:

1. Resting muscles for 2 days, then begin to move the muscles gradually again.

2. Ice packs on the affected muscles 4 hours in one day for 3 days.

3. If there is swelling, do muscle compression using an elastic bandage, but don't tie it too tight.

4. If possible, elevate the foot higher than the chest position.

5. If the pain has not subsided, take simple painkillers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen

Consult with your doctor if there are complaints of pain that do not decrease for more than a week, there are symptoms of numbness, and the muscles can not be moved at all.

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