Pain In The Back Of The Waist And Spread To The Feet?

Illustration of Pain In The Back Of The Waist And Spread To The Feet?
Illustration: Pain In The Back Of The Waist And Spread To The Feet?

before asking I want to tell the chronology of my pain first, I suffer from this pain for about 1.5 years initially pain from the waist to the left toes usually just the intensity of the pain was rarely even if relapsed when I felt tired, well about 2 months ago the pain that I experience more often appears almost every day, the pain was unbearable from the waist to the toes, and accompanied by tingling in the soles of the feet, tingling is always there when I walk or in a straight leg position, then about 2 this week I was experiencing tingling even more strange because like there is a cold feeling that spreads when the tingling and lumbago that I have experienced has not yet healed, about the pain that I experienced what is this pain … And what is the cure for because it’s been 2 months already treated with a doctor Sp .s and consultation to the doctor sp.KFR and already undergoing physiotherapy has not yet healed

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Hi Gita,

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There are several conditions or diseases that can cause symptoms of pain in the back of the waist and spread to the feet, including:

Nucleic Hernia Pulposus, is a pinch of nerves in the spine, due to the release of part of the spinal cushions and pinning the surrounding nerve tissue. Because this nerve is a nerve that travels to the legs, pain stimulation due to the pins can spread to the feet. In this condition, there are several treatment options that can be done, namely conservatively with the use of drugs, physiotherapy and the use of cuffs (to maintain the structure of the spine), or operatively, by releasing pinched nerve tissue. This decision is very dependent on your condition, the doctor's decision, and your decision as a patient.

Kidney stones / urinary tract, is a blockage in the kidneys or other urinary tract (ureter, bladder, urethra) that cause intense pain. This condition can be treated with crushed stones, or with drugs.

Peripheral neuropathy, a nervous system disorder that can be caused by various things, such as diabetes mellitus, electrolyte balance disorders, viral infections, etc.

Muscle pain, a condition caused by excessive physical activity, such as lifting heavy objects, exercising without warming up, or sleeping and sitting in the wrong position for a long time. This condition will generally improve by itself, enough with rest.

To find out the appropriate treatment, it is necessary to know in advance what diseases cause your symptoms. If you have previously gone to a neurologist and a medical rehabilitation doctor, then it is possible that your diagnosis has been made through physical examination and additional examinations (MRI of the spine, X-ray, blood laboratory, etc.). In this condition, always consult with your treating doctor about your treatment plan going forward. In some diseases, the healing process does take a long time, and requires patience and enthusiasm from patients to take drugs, physiotherapy, and control to the doctor. Especially for HNP (nerve tongs), some cases can not be cured only with drugs, and require operative measures.

Some things you can do at home:

Sleeping with a mattress that is not too soft. Mattresses that are too soft can overload the spine so that it triggers pain.
Sleep in the right position. Preferably with the supine position, or to the side but use a hug pillow
Take medicines given by your doctor regularly. Especially for pain medications, consume after eating, to avoid stomach irritation
Consult regularly to the doctor who treats you. Feedback (feedback) about the effects of treatment from you is important in the evaluation and follow-up by the doctor to determine the future treatment plan.

Thus, hopefully can help.

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