Pain In The Back Of The Waist

Illustration of Pain In The Back Of The Waist
Illustration: Pain In The Back Of The Waist

Tonight ma2f I want to ask Waist back pain ndadak pain when lifting legs while wearing pants … the solution is how to make a way to squat to sit sick dook Previous trimaksih

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Hello Dicky,

Thank you for the question.

Pain in the back of the back, especially when lifting legs, to sit, and squat may be caused by disorders of nerve fibers around the waist, for example due to herniation of the nucleus pulposus, tumors or infections that suppress the nerves, multiple sclerosis, diabetic neuropathy, post herpetic neuralgia, and etc. Not only pain, nerve disorders can also cause tingling, numbness, heat, weakness, and even paralysis around the waist to your lower legs. It could also, you will have difficulty controlling the urge to defecate and also erect due to nerve disorders.

Aside from nerve disorders, you can also experience low back pain due to stones or kidney infections, kidney cancer, intestinal inflammation, hernias, peritonitis, prostate enlargement, viral or bacterial infections in other organ systems, fibromyalgia, malnutrition, scoliosis, spondylosis , etc.

You can try to overcome this pain first by:

 Warm compresses or ice cubes in painful areas Apply a pain reliever cream or drink paracetamol so that pain decreases Do not order carelessly painful areas Drink at least 2-3 liters of water a day (especially water) Never drink soft drinks, caffeinated, especially alcoholic Regular exercise likes to resist bowel movements and urinating Don't be too stressed Don't eat too late Get more rest at home (this step at the same time can also reduce your risk of contracting COVID-19 which is a pandemic lately) If by handling the above pain you still feel very disturbing , or if other symptoms of neurological disorders appear as we alluded to above, fever, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and other severe complaints, do not hesitate to check yourself directly to the doctor or the nearest neurologist yes. If necessary, X-ray examination, tests urine, ultrasound, etc. doctors can do to make it clear what kind of management needs to be done to relieve your complaints a.

Hope this helps ...

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