Pain In The Big Toe After Kicking The Wall?

Illustration of Pain In The Big Toe After Kicking The Wall?
Illustration: Pain In The Big Toe After Kicking The Wall?

Hello, good morning, I want to ask … it happened when I was about to kick the ball and the ball didn’t hit the wall, and now it feels very painful and swollen, is my thumb fractured or just swollen from hitting the wall? Thank you..

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An incident such as what you experience by kicking the wrong ball and even kicking the wall is a trauma / impact that is quite hard on your thumb. For trauma that is severe enough, there is a risk of:

hematoma / bruising or swelling of blood clots in the tissue
fractured bones
nails come off
cracked nails
joint dislocation or misposition of joints

To find out the cause that you experience, you must do a direct examination of the condition of your feet, you should go to the hospital directly, to find out for sure the cause is needed additional examinations such as X-rays. From the results of direct examination and X-rays, it is possible to determine the cause of the swelling and pain that you are experiencing.

Some things you can do as initial treatment:

taking pain relievers such as paracetamol
cold compress on the swollen part
avoid using closed shoes, it is preferable to use open sandals
avoid doing advanced sports such as ball or foot use
rest the leg that hurts

following articles you can read thumb pain, fracture medicine, orthopedic doctor

hopefully useful, thank you

dr. Danny

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