Pain In The Bones?

Illustration of Pain In The Bones?
Illustration: Pain In The Bones?

I want to ask why every time I ride on a motorbike And when walking on an uneven road the front chest and back craftsman it feels tight And the chest feels tight And the head is tight huh?

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Hello Nurul, thank you for asking with

Complaints of back pain can be caused by several things, including:

- injury. Injury to muscles, skin, nerves, and bones can cause pain in certain parts of the body.

- Wrong sitting position for a long time

- Use of inappropriate shoes

- lack of exercise

- Sleeping position is wrong and not comfortable

- and others..

While complaints of chest pain can be caused by several things, including:

- Disorders of the digestive system, such as stomach acid diseases, etc.

- Disorders of the heart, such as coronary heart disease, heart muscle disorders, and others

- Injury to the bones or chest muscles

- Disorders of the lungs

- and others..

Because it can be caused by several possibilities, then you should do an examination with a doctor. The doctor will conduct a brief interview, physical examination and additional examinations if needed. The doctor will also provide therapy in accordance with the complaints you feel.

Here are things you can do at home to help resolve complaints: consume enough water, avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages, avoid smoking or cigarette smoke, get enough rest, exercise regularly, use shoes and clothes that are comfortable to use, and multiply consumption fruit and vegetable.

If you feel severe chest pain, shortness of breath, decreased consciousness, vomiting blood, coughing up blood, then immediately see a doctor.

Thank you, hope that helps ..

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