Pain In The Chest Accompanied By The Sound Of Ngik-ngik?

Illustration of Pain In The Chest Accompanied By The Sound Of Ngik-ngik?
Illustration: Pain In The Chest Accompanied By The Sound Of Ngik-ngik?

Assamualaikum doc. I feel pain in my chest doc, it’s been around 2-3 months before I was a TB sufferer and was declared cured, a few months ago I used an electric cigarette several times and the next day my chest pain appeared accompanied by cough, after several times consuming cough medicine, the cough but my chest pain is still there, chest pain is very pronounced before I go to sleep doc and usually there is a “ngik ” sound like a whistle, I sometimes feel unwell even though my body temperature is normal, my stomach often feels sore and feels very fast Hungry, is my lung problem doc? Thank you in advance.

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Thank you for asking at There are complaints of chest pain that you feel, and before you have been declared cured of TB infection, but you try to use electric cigarettes, then you should not make an effort to use electric cigarettes again or conventional cigarettes. If you have recovered from the lung tuberculosis, not your lung does not leave a trace or return to normal, but in a cured tuberculosis patient, the patient's lungs will heal by forming fibrosis tissue or residual infection, so you or the patient who has recovered of tuberculosis must still maintain lung health and manifestni healthy lifestyles, lest you go out of control and do not control the health of your lungs after being declared cured. Therefore, complaints of chest pain that you feel, may be caused by stiffness of the chest muscles due to cough that you have experienced before, in addition, a history of previous lung infections can also trigger complaints of chest pain and breath sounds when you sleep or certain conditions. So, for now, take a good break, don't sleep late, and practice your breath in the morning when oxygen outside the home is not accompanied by much pollution. Apart from coughing, chest muscle tension, and a history of Tbc, several other medical conditions can also cause the same complaints, such as: 1. Irritation of the chest wall nerves 2. Muscle cramps due to wrong sleeping position, crushed or due to heavy lifting 3. Stomach disorders , causing chest pain, upper abdominal pain, and complaints of nausea 4. Heart disorders 5. Suppression of spinal cord nerves Because this condition cannot be ascertained the cause without direct examination, then you should immediately consult your lung doctor or your family doctor. This is important because it relates to chest pain that you still feel. By meeting a doctor, the doctor can conduct an interview regarding the course of your complaint, while physical examination and supporting examinations can be planned such as blood, radiology or heart examination. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors in providing care and treatment. For now, some other efforts you can do to help reduce these complaints, such as: 1. Avoid smoking 2. Avoid physical fatigue 3. Avoid sleeping late 4. Doing breathing exercises and chest muscle stretches 5. Warm compresses on painful areas 6 Avoid spicy foods, instant foods, and soft drinks or coffee to avoid indigestion. That's the info we can convey. Thank you.

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