Pain In The Chest Like A Pinch Spreads To The Back And Flatulence?

Illustration of Pain In The Chest Like A Pinch Spreads To The Back And Flatulence?
Illustration: Pain In The Chest Like A Pinch Spreads To The Back And Flatulence?

Hi, good afternoon, I want to ask, how come my mom often feels her chest hurts like a pinch, then the pain reaches her back so it hurts. My mother also felt pain in her throat, she felt like a lump so that she was clogged with food and felt suffocated. Then his stomach on the left side hurts, especially if after eating his stomach feels bloated. So now my mother’s voice is hoarse. R nI have tried to go to the hospital, but I always say it is an ulcer disease. R nI asked for help, what is the solution to this disease. Thank you

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Hello Jhernita

Chest pain illustrates that there is a problem with the organs and tissues around the chest, this condition is not always caused by heart and lung problems, but can also be due to problems with the digestive tract, skin and chest muscles, and the sternum.

Heartburn is a medical condition that can cause discomfort in the chest area, even if the discomfort is often felt as a pain or tightness. These complaints arise due to the amount of stomach acid that is too high, so that it eventually irritates the esophageal tract, resulting in various symptoms.

Apart from heartburn some other medical considerations are

Muscle and skin pain, usually the result of a blow / trauma, or it could be due to a skin infection.
Bone disorders, which can also occur due to injury or poor posture (bending over, tilting to one side, etc.)
Asthma, which is inflammation of the airways which ultimately makes the airways narrow.
Lung disorders, for example tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis, etc.
Heart problems

The doctor who has done the examination, of course, has carefully considered based on the results of the evaluation carried out so that it finally states that what your mother is experiencing is heartburn, but if you are still in doubt there is no harm in checking it with another doctor as a second opinion, but it does not close the possibility. if you will get the same results, if it turns out heartburn is the cause.

Complaints of a disease can indeed lead to a certain disease, however, to be able to specify the disease, it is necessary to do a medical examination first.

Because I cannot confirm what condition your mother actually experienced without doing an examination, the suggestions that can be made are in accordance with the recommendations for those who have heartburn, namely

Try not to eat late, arrange so that you eat at certain times, for example breakfast at 6-8, lunch around 11-13, and dinner around 17-19. If necessary, there is 1 small snack (biscuits, bread, etc.) between the meals.
It's best to avoid food / beverage products that contain caffeine in them, acidic and spicy foods should also be avoided.
Do not go to sleep immediately after eating, but leave a distance of about 2 hours later.
Do not take drugs without a doctor's consideration, because some classes of pain medications can trigger stomach acid levels to increase

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dr. Arnold

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