Pain In The Chest To The Neck Accompanied By A Headache?

Illustration of Pain In The Chest To The Neck Accompanied By A Headache?
Illustration: Pain In The Chest To The Neck Accompanied By A Headache?

Good evening, I want to ask. Yesterday I had diarrhea then I drank diapet in the morning and evening, I no longer have diarrhea but tomorrow morning I drank diapet again because the stools that came out during the morning were still not normal. Then during the afternoon my chest ached until my neck and head were a bit dizzy. If I do my activities quite a lot, so the pain feels more or less, why? Thank you…

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Good afternoon, thanks for asking at Complaints of the chest and neck are painful and dizzy head, very rarely associated with diarrhea or the use of antidiarrheal drugs. The condition you are experiencing is most likely to occur because of something else, such as:

Lack of blood flow to the chest area Injury to the chest Heart muscle disorders Heart rhythm disorders Heart inflammation Lung inflammation of the lining of the lung packaging High blood pressure Gastric acid disease

Because of the many possibilities, we recommend that you consult your doctor immediately, especially if you have risk factors for heart disease such as smoking or frequent contact with smokers, excess weight or obesity, have a history of high cholesterol, have a family history of heart complaints, age near middle age and rarely exercise. This is important because if indeed it is a heart disease, every time is valuable in its handling. If you feel the pain is increasingly unbearable, do not hesitate to check the emergency room at the nearest hospital.

Meanwhile, keep living a healthy lifestyle by staying away from stress, cigarette smoke, maintaining ideal body weight, increasing consumption of nutrient-rich foods such as vegetables and fruit, regular exercise, adequate rest, and doing regular medical check-ups every 6-12 months. So, hopefully answering your question.

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