Pain In The Child’s Feet Every Night?

Illustration of Pain In The Child’s Feet Every Night?
Illustration: Pain In The Child’s Feet Every Night?

… my son, * 8 years old, has often complained about his leg pain in the past week when he wants to enter the sunset or at night … if my child is in pain asking for a massage, when the massage has disappeared … is this what is called growing paints huh ?? What is the solution? Thanks

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Previously, more complete information was needed related to perceived complaints, such as which side of the leg often feels pain?
Are there any signs of inflammation such as swelling and redness around the affected leg area?
Growing painting is generally experienced by children of pre-school age to school age. Pain is often felt in like cramps, aches, or throbbing or "throbbing pain" in the limbs. Quoted from the page of IDAI related to growing pain (Association of Indonesian Pediatricians), it is not certain what causes the growing pain. The condition generally occurs due to excessive activity previously carried out by the child, and causes fatigue in the muscles of the limbs. Pain that is often complained about in these areas also indicates that the pain threshold of a child tends to be low so that it easily triggers pain sensations such as aches or "nyutan nyutan". In addition, the psychological influence of children can also trigger these complaints.
Growing pain is often lost and arises, appears when entering the afternoon or evening so that it can disrupt the child's rest time.
As a parent, you should not have to worry too much if you don't find any suspicious signs and symptoms on the child's limbs such as bumps, swelling, redness, wounds, etc. The possibility that your child is complaining about is indeed caused by growing pain which is a normal condition. There is no specific treatment other than hometreatment at home by massaging the area of ​​the leg that feels pain, giving warm water compresses, giving pain medication if necessary and encouraging children to stretch or relax muscles before doing their activities.
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