Pain In The Coccyx From Pregnancy To After Delivery?

Illustration of Pain In The Coccyx From Pregnancy To After Delivery?
Illustration: Pain In The Coccyx From Pregnancy To After Delivery?

Hello doctor … r nOn March 6 yesterday I just gave birth by caesarean section. Because I do not feel mules and the baby does not enter the pelvis for up to 40 weeks. R nWhen a big pregnancy, every time I sit or lie down my tailbone is very painful plus left groin pain and when I wake up every time I want to stand up, the soles of my feet hurt. Even after giving birth, I still feel that way. In fact, the feet are more painful than before giving birth and the hips feel sore. What I want to ask, is it still in the recovery period after giving birth? Or because of the side effects after giving birth to a cesarean? Because it hurts the same as during pregnancy.

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Hi Sherayutami,

Thank you for asking

As gestational age increases, the size of the fetus is getting bigger, plus the volume of the amniotic fluid, placenta (placenta), and other pregnancy tissues, the burden that must be supported by the mother will increase. This condition can certainly trigger pain. This pain is usually felt predominantly in the lower abdomen, it can also spread to the genitals, groin, buttocks, hips, and legs. Complaints usually worsen when the pregnancy has entered the 3rd trimester (over 7 months) and can last up to several weeks after delivery.

After giving birth, this pain will usually get better. Pain can subside in a short time or slowly depending on many factors, including activities and sports, each person's different pain threshold, body weight, and so on. Mothers who are small in stature, or who have a heavy pregnancy burden (for example, from having twins, large babies, or polyhydramnios) may experience more pain and last longer.

Although it can last up to some time after childbirth, it could also be that the complaints that you are currently experiencing are related to other causes, not always related to your previous labor process, for example due to:

Residual effects of anesthetic procedures
Pinched spinal cord
Abnormalities of spinal curvature, eg kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis

Rheumatoid arthritis (inflammation of the joints due to rheumatism)

Fibromyalgia (generalized musculoskeletal pain accompanied by disturbances in mood, sleep, emotions, and memory)
Viral or bacterial infections, including urinary tract infections, pelvic inflammation, gastrointestinal infections, kidney infections
Lymphadenitis (lymph node radan)

Kidney stones, bladder stones

Ovarian cysts (fluid-filled sac in the ovaries)

Myoma (benign uterine muscle tumor)
Deficiency of certain vitamins or minerals, and so on

Considering that complaints have been going on for quite a long time and last for more than 1 month after copying, you should check your complaint directly to your doctor. Follow-up tests, such as X-rays, ultrasound, laboratory, MRI, and so on, doctors can also do if necessary.

In the meantime, you should apply warm water to the affected area of ​​the body. Also take pain relievers, for example paracetamol so you can be freer to do your activities. Avoid poor posture in daily activities, for example bending too much or lifting heavy objects. Maintain an ideal body weight, exercise regularly, and wear comfortable clothes and footwear.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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