Pain In The Forearm Is Tingling To The Point Of Numbness?

Illustration of Pain In The Forearm Is Tingling To The Point Of Numbness?
Illustration: Pain In The Forearm Is Tingling To The Point Of Numbness?

a good afternoon,. I am 16 years old, and have lots of physical activity at school. I followed a lot of extracurricular activities that required a lot of hand strength, and usually my limbs including the arm ached every time I did that activity, but this time the pain only felt in the forearm (elbow to the hand) area. and the pain is different than when after doing sports .. the initial pain was like a sprain in the wrist, but now it is full of pain in the forearm … even to the point of tingling to numbness, then it becomes very, very deep pain … suppose Why do you think? thank you for your answer.

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Hello Afina Fadhilah,

Pain in the forearm can result from injury to the muscles, ligaments, nerves or bones in the area. The tingling that accompanies pain generally indicates nerve involvement in the area. Injury to the elbow area can cause interference with the ulnar nerve and radial nerve that pass through that area. Injury can occur due to bone dislocation, muscle swelling or bleeding or tumors that are compressing the nerve, or due to infection. Nerve injuries can occur due to overuse / overuse of the arm, sports injuries, falls, collisions, and other mechanisms.

An ulnar nerve injury gives symptoms:

A tingling or electric shock that runs from the elbow to the little finger
Sharp pain
Trouble moving fingers
The affected arm feels weaker when doing activities than the other side

Radial nerve injury gives symptoms:

Sharp or burning pain
Tingling sensation in the fingers (especially the thumb)
Trouble straightening hands and fingers

You should do a check directly with the doctor. The doctor will ask for a history of complaints and factors that might be the cause of your complaint. The doctor will do a pain examination in the arm area, sensory and motor tests, then do some supporting examinations such as x-rays (to see whether there is a fracture in the bone) or MRI to see the condition of nerve tissue and other soft tissue in the area.

Treatment will vary from administering pain-reducing drugs, corticosteroids to reduce inflammation, using splint / cast to limit arm movement, physiotherapy to restore arm function and strength. Surgical treatment is also needed in certain cases. Thus the explanation from me, hopefully useful.

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