Pain In The Groin Area.?

Illustration of Pain In The Groin Area.?
Illustration: Pain In The Groin Area.?

My doctor from still not married until now the infection of the collarbone is now that I am pregnant and my disease may widen? Is there a relationship with my pregnancy? I have consulted but I was only given an obstetrician with my obstetrician I have used almost 3 bottles still not recovered “also Guess ” doctors can help me Answer my skin problem I am also pregnant and sometimes often feel pain in my stomach What related to my collarbone?

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Hello Jiu,

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Complaints in the groin can indeed arise due to infection. One of the most common causes of this infection is fungus. The fungus is easier to infect the groin area because of its moist location and is more difficult to clean than other body parts. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can also make itching in the groin increasingly due to hormonal influences. In addition to fungi, other microorganisms, for example bacteria, viruses, or mites can also infect the groin. Typically, complaints that arise due to infection in the groin in the form of skin that is red, itchy, bruntusan, peeling, dry, swollen, runny, and also smells unpleasant. If this condition is left without proper treatment, of course the patient can be very disturbed by it.

Besides infection, there are many other possible conditions that can cause groin complaints like yours, for example seborrheic dermatitis, contact dermatitis, insect bites or other animals, neurodermatitis, psoriasis, and so on. Most likely, your groin complaint is not directly related to the stomach pain you experience. Abdominal pain can occur due to disorders of the digestive system (for example due to dyspepsia, gastroenteritis, intestinal inflammation, irritable bowel syndrome), urinary system (eg due to stones, infections), reproductive system (eg cysts, endometriosis, myomas), and so on. The condition of you who are pregnant can make stomach pain feel more severe due to excessive stretching of the stomach when there is a developing fetus in the uterus.

It's better if you check yourself directly to the doctor or obstetrician. With a comprehensive examination, your condition can be handled optimally, including a more in-depth examination, for example allergic tests, ultrasound, laboratory tests, and so on. For now, you can try the following steps first:

Do not scratch the groin itch carelessly
Clean shower every morning and evening
Do not use pants that are too tight and made from heat
Do not apply or consume drugs carelessly without consulting first to the doctor
Do not contact with substances that might make you allergic
Compress the abdominal pain with warm water
Eat and drink more regularly every day
Don't over consume spicy foods and contain lots of gas

Hope this helps ...

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