Pain In The Gums Extends To The Head, Ears And Neck?

Illustration of Pain In The Gums Extends To The Head, Ears And Neck?
Illustration: Pain In The Gums Extends To The Head, Ears And Neck?

Hello. I want to ask about what I’m feeling for about a month. The back of my gums on my left is so painful that my ears hurt too, my head touched and my neck feels a bit stiff. My gums are not swollen, but as they grow, they are not big in size. My back teeth have holes but they don’t hurt. Since the gums don’t grow, all the left teeth are hurting. But the pain is also uncertain. I have seen a doctor and taken some of the drugs that have been given, but until now has not healed. Only disappear after taking medicine. After a few hours the pain returned again. R nWhat steps should I take to deal with this sudden, frequent pain? Do teeth have to be pulled? What medicine should I take? And for cases like this, is there a name? R nThank you in advance. 🌷

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Pain in the gums and teeth that you feel can lead to the following medical conditions:

Gum inflammation (gingivitis): often caused by the entry of germs through porous teeth or infection after tooth extraction
Porous teeth / caries: Porous teeth can cause pain due to stimulation of the nerves of the open teeth
Gum ulcers / sores on the gums / sores on the gums
Teeth that grow encourage other teeth, for example cases of tooth impaction
Released dental fillings, if any

To find out what the disease is, of course the most knowledgeable is the dentist who checks you the other day. You can ask him the diagnosis of your disease according to the results of dental and oral examinations that have been done by him. If the previous treatment has not improved, of course you should control again to the doctor who examined and treated it to be evaluated and re-examined, so that the treatment is carried out continuously and precisely according to your current condition.

As for what should be done to maintain oral health are:

Brush your teeth regularly, after eating and before going to bed
Limit consumption of sweet foods
Avoid smoking and alcohol consumption
Drink 2 liters of water per day
Gargle with mouth antiseptic
Take pain medication from your doctor if you have pain. When the drug has run out, you can temporarily use over the counter painkillers, namely paracetamol

That's all the explanation from me, hopefully it helps and useful :)

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