Pain In The Head, Neck, Legs And Buttocks?

I want to ask, I have headaches and pains in my neck. in addition to being bent, my legs left and right around my buttocks were also painful like riding my calves. and my whole body went limp. please help 🙏

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Complaints of headache and neck pain and sore buttocks may be triggered by muscle stiffness in your neck, head and buttocks. This can trigger complaints of pain that interfere with your daily life and your activities. Especially if you feel pain when you move or are working or on the move as usual.

Complaints of tense or stiff body muscles can be triggered by physical fatigue that you may feel in a few days, either because your activity is increasing or an unbalanced rest after the activity you are doing. Therefore, increasing your resting needs at this time is needed, this is to increase your stamina and muscle strength and help your blood flow smoother and better.

In addition to complaints of pain in the head, neck and buttocks, these complaints are often accompanied by other accompanying complaints, such as drowsiness, fatigue or fatigue, heavy eyes, or stomach discomfort. However, comorbid complaints are not always felt by patients, some patients with stiff muscle complaints that are not treated as early as possible and do not know the main cause, can feel other comorbid complaints.

Apart from muscle stiffness, several other medical conditions can also trigger complaints that you feel, such as:

 Stress Lack of sleep or late-night sleep habits Lack of water intake Metabolic disorders, such as rising uric acid, diabetes, high blood cholesterol High blood pressure Rheumatism Nerve pressure Muscle inflammation Because all complaints you feel are nonspecific, and many possibilities can trigger this complaint, it is necessary to check directly by your doctor to find out the cause of this complaint and the appropriate treatment for you.

So you should continue the examination directly to your doctor for further evaluation and further examination. Because at this time the condition of vigilance against Corona infections is still high, so for a direct consultation with your doctor, you should do it online or by telephone, unless your doctor asks you to come directly to the examination. Thus, prevention of corona infection from other patients can be prevented and your doctor can provide recommendations and treatments that are appropriate for you, so that your complaints get better soon and you can move as usual.

For treatments that you can do at home, some things you can try, such as:

 Avoid physical fatigue Avoid sleeping late at night Enough water needs Enough nutritional food needs Avoid foods that contain excessive salt or salt Idealize body weight And do regular exercise in your yard during the alert period of Corona virus infection You can also provide warm compresses twice a day on neck, head and buttocks area Thus the info we can convey.

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