Pain In The Incision Used In Breast Tumor Surgery?

, I’m lina. I want to ask 2 years ago I had a tumor operation on my left breast. Why does it feel like pain from the wound between the tip and the incision, did the tumor reappear?

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Pain in the breast (mastalgia), can be caused by various causes, including:

 Muscle pain in the area around the breast Muscle injury to the chest area Mastitis / inflammation of the breast glands Breast cyst Influence of hormonal drugs
You don't need to worry too much because not all breast pain is caused by a breast tumor that has returned. The diagnosis of breast tumors must be driven by direct examination and a series of other supporting examinations.

To find out more precisely, the estimated cause of your breast pain complaints, it requires a more definite examination related to the complaints felt, other accompanying symptoms as well as supporting examinations such as x-rays, ultrasound and CT scans if needed. Information related to when the pain began to be felt, whether there is swelling, redness, sores, changes in the structure of the breast skin and lumps felt in the affected area is the information needed to find out the exact cause.

To help reduce complaints, try to rest and avoid tiring activities or lifting heavy loads. Avoid stress, smoking and alcohol consumption. Expand the consumption of water and the consumption of healthy and nutritious foods. If necessary, take pain relievers such as paracetamol to help reduce perceived complaints.
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