Pain In The Joints Between The Thighs And Buttocks Is The Nerve Pinched?

Illustration of Pain In The Joints Between The Thighs And Buttocks Is The Nerve Pinched?
Illustration: Pain In The Joints Between The Thighs And Buttocks Is The Nerve Pinched?

, I’m 6 months pregnant. From uk 4bln began to develop pain in the buttocks between the thigh joints. When walking, standing, sitting doesn’t feel so much. But if you lie back, you are forced to stand very ill from the buttocks down stiffly. Is the nerve pinched? What is the solution? thank you

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Hello Ummah Thank you for asking

The onset of joint pain or aching of the lumbar and pelvic area is common in pregnant women especially if the gestational age is 6 months. Joint pain in the thigh is also often felt during pregnancy. In most cases this condition is harmless and normally occurs in pregnant women especially in the third trimester.

Pain that is felt in the thigh joints will generally be more intense when pregnancy occurs trimester 3 more than 6 months or before pregnancy. This condition is caused by hormonal changes that occur that relaxin hormone which relaxes the tissue around the pelvis to prepare bayo to pass through the pelvic door during pregnancy. this is why pain is more pronounced just before delivery. So the mother can ache, rheumatic pain until it upsets the way of standing and walking. In addition, pain can also be stretched down to the lower legs, legs and feet. So that the condition is a normal condition occurs as the gestational age increases.

But there are several other causes of pain in the groin or groin joints, which extend to the legs for example:

Muscle aches (myalgia)

Arthritis or inflammation of the joints
Pelvic inflammation
Pain due to nerve disorders such as 'pinched nerve'

Pinched nerves in the medical also called herniated nucleus pulposus (HNP). This condition often attacks the lower back (lumbar) vertebrae. Here are some complaints that might arise when you call for HNP for example:

Not all HNP sufferers feel certain symptoms and only know them when doing a scan test. However, most sufferers usually experience symptoms, which include:

Pain in the feet or shoulders depending on the location of the HNP, usually there are factors that trigger severe pain such as when sneezing, coughing, or doing certain asthma
Weakened muscle function so that you will experience miserable difficulties when walking, bending and picking up things
Tingling or stiffness sensation or burning sensation, this complaint can be around the back, shoulders, hands, legs, and feet depending on the location of the HNP

But to ensure that it needs to be done some further examination and interview. direct physical examination performed for example nerve examination. However, if the complaint occurs to you, you can consult it first to the obstetrician and obstetrician. If the pain is natural pain during pregnancy, your doctor may give you treatment to reduce the pain. However, if there is a suspicion of a nervous breakdown, especially if the pain also does not gradually improve, such as a pinched nerve, the doctor will usually refer and advise you to consult a doctor on nerve specilisation.

Handling that is done aims to reduce the symptoms in the early years of the doctor can give terpai in the form of anti-pain and anti-inflammatory drugs separately to reduce pain. However, not all medicines are consumed when you are pregnant. Always tell your doctor that you are pregnant. For very severe conditions HNP can be treated with surgery, but this procedure is rarely performed, performed when there are strong indications such as HNP causing paralysis and pain that does not go away with medication.

To temporarily reduce pain you can do the following things, for example:

Compress with ice or a towel filled with ice on the part of the pain to relieve pain and inflammation, followed by a warm compress to give a sense of comfort
Avoiding too much rest, because it can cause muscles and joints to become stiff and weak
Pregnant women are advised to still do regular exercise sports which are certainly safe sports for pregnant women such as taking a leisurely walk or doing light work
Maintaining ideal weight or weight does not rise dramatically during pregnancy

More articles that you can read about: Easy Ways to deal with aches during pregnancy

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