Pain In The Left Buttock

Illustration of Pain In The Left Buttock
Illustration: Pain In The Left Buttock

Doc wants to ask. On my left side there is a red grenjel 3 like a hinged vein. Then on top of the bone feels painful and stiff, why and why? Should I see an orthopedic doctor?

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There are several conditions that can cause yeri on the buttocks or side buttocks. But to determine a diagnosis, it is definitely necessary to do a physical examination and supporting examination, but I will explain some of the possible causes that you experience, including:

muscle disorders, muscle disorders occur when the muscles in that section experience excessive movement or support, which can be caused by trauma, wrong walking or sitting patterns. Or exercise too hard. Making pressure on the muscles and muscles become stressed into clots.
pinched nerves, can be caused due to the wrong lifestyle patterns, for example asrring lifting weights too heavy, or going up and down stairs, too long and can also be caused often to ring the backbone. When a pinched nerve occurs it will feel a burning sensation, burning, tingling and weakness.
joint irritation, joint irritation occurs when friction occurs in the joint too excessive, causing inflammation and the surrounding muscles and nerves will experience inflammation, hard lumps will appear and burning pain will occur.

Based on what I mentioned earlier, I cannot direct the diagnosis to one of the definitive diagnoses, because it requires further physical examination. You can go to a medical rehabilitation doctor to improve your condition.

Or you can also do some tips at home, including: wear a back corset, sleep in a place that is not too soft, do not often overlap the affected part, if before bed do stretching, consume at least 8 glasses of water per day and avoid lifting items.

May be useful. Always Healthy 😊

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