Pain In The Left Chest?

Illustration of Pain In The Left Chest?
Illustration: Pain In The Left Chest?

lately I often come across diseases in the waist and heart .. just recently my left chest hurts .. then I google about chest disease on the left .. I consider this disease to be normal .. one day my chest hurts and then I sleep so I sleep no more pain .. it’s usually with 2 weeks before I menstruate .. but it’s just skejap .. but this time it hurts too long .. I want to make a checkup .. but I don’t want to say anything to the doc .. if at that time I didn’t it hurts .. is there any pain that has to do with eating … my age is now 22 years old and my weight is 35kg how should I make it to maintain my health doc ..

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Good evening, thanks for asking at We understand your confusion. The condition of your complaint can occur due to various possibilities, including:

Stomach acid disease
Coronary heart disease
Lung infection or lung membrane infection

Anemia or lack of red blood cells
Muscle injury
Psychic influences, such as anxiety, fear, nervousness, stress

Regarding your question, it does not matter if you see a doctor when the pain is gone. All you have to do is submit your complaint as you conveyed it to us. Because suppose you do have heart disease, there will be signs that can be seen from a variety of investigations, such as heart records, treadmills, echocardiograms, cholesterol tests, and at least the interview itself can be known whether you do have risk factors for the disease heart or not. It doesn't have to be painful at that time. If there are no results that lead to the heart, the doctor will suspect other things, such as stomach acid disease, pleurisy infection or anemia.

This examination is important because it is difficult to diagnose a disease without a direct examination, and moreover in some cases needed a supporting examination. If forced without being examined by a doctor, a misunderstanding can result in mismanagement. And if so, the most disadvantaged is you as a patient. So come back again, keep going to your doctor, be it a cardiologist or internist, to make it clear what diagnosis you actually have, and what treatment is best for you.

Meanwhile, no need to worry too much, avoid cigarette smoke, dust and pollution, manage stress well, get enough rest, multiply your consumption of water, limit physical activity, and immediately consult a doctor. So, hopefully answering your question.

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