Pain In The Left Stomach Radiating To All Sides Of The Stomach?

Illustration of Pain In The Left Stomach Radiating To All Sides Of The Stomach?
Illustration: Pain In The Left Stomach Radiating To All Sides Of The Stomach?

Morning … r nSy Ayu 23yrs r nThis week, the pain in the inside of the left side of the stomach was swollen, then moved to the right, then moved up again. R n Previously I was sentenced to intestinal complications like this. Is this true? Already treated, there are no real results yet. Please help with the explanation. R nThank you.

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Hi Intanayu59,

Thank you for asking

"Intestinal complications" is not a term commonly used in the medical field. Need to clarify first, what kind of intestinal disorders do you mean?

Pain in the stomach that moves can occur due to many factors, it can come from disorders of the digestive tract (including the intestines), but it can also come from disorders of other organ systems. Some of the most common possible causes are:

Indigestion, for example: Dyspepsia syndrome (increased stomach acid) Irritable bowel syndrome bladder cancer Reproductive tract disorders, for example pelvic inflammation, endometriosis, premenstrual syndrome, ovarian cysts, fibromyalgia myoma (muscle pain), psychosomatic disorders, etc. It is difficult for us to determine the exact cause of your complaint. Because, complete information is needed regarding the characteristics of the pain you are experiencing along with other complaints that may accompany it, for example bowel disorders, menstrual disorders, fertility disorders, and so on. In some conditions, it is also necessary to carry out further evaluation through laboratory tests, ultrasound, or X-rays. Therefore, try to see your doctor directly ..

In the meantime, here are the steps you should take:

Pay more attention to diet: Eat more regularly, with small portions but often Reduce greasy, gassy, ​​and too spicy foods Limit caffeine Avoid instant and preservative foods Don't snack carelessly Drink enough water Drink enough water Regularly exercise Not holding back bowel movements More regular breaks Avoid stress Limit lifting items that are too heavy. Hope this helps ...

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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