Pain In The Left Waist, And Energy Consumption Habits?

Illustration of Pain In The Left Waist, And Energy Consumption Habits?
Illustration: Pain In The Left Waist, And Energy Consumption Habits?

, my aunt was having a heart leak and just found out about the beginning of fasting. His weight is under 45kg. Said the doctor who handled chekupnya once a month but my aunt the last week complained of left back pain. My aunt drank not from bottled or boiled water, but it was still PDAM water, before it was found out that my heart was leaking, my aunt liked to drink estrajos like that. Sometimes, taking medicine while taking estrajos. Irregular meals, sometimes only rice without side dishes and vegetables. My parents have repeatedly advised but ignored. Now my auntie, can only sleep all day. How?

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Good evening, thanks for asking at Leaky heart disease is a disease that can be experienced by anyone, young or old, male or female. The heart basically has 4 chambers, two are called atria and two are called ventricles which are limited by certain barriers. The blood flow to the heart is clear through these spaces in a certain order and cannot change direction. When blood enters another room that is not in its order, then the condition is said to be a leaky heart, because the barrier that you are unable to hold the blood remains in their respective paths.

But in the case of your aunt, if you are complaining of pain in the left waist, most likely this is not caused by a leaky heart disease that he experienced, because these symptoms are not commonly found in patients with heart leak. A more suitable possibility, especially with your aunt's history of consuming energy drinks as you mentioned is actually more on kidney disorders, could be in the form of kidney failure, kidney infection, or kidney stones.

This is because energy drinks are actually bad for the kidneys and are consumed as much as possible. From your story, it seems that your aunt has arrived at the stage of abusing the energy drink function when it reaches the stage of taking drugs. It does not use water, but instead uses energy drinks. Even though the kidneys have a very important function for the body, and it is not impossible either, the kidney damage they experience makes their blood pressure often high, and this is the forerunner to leakage in the heart.

Our advice, you should bring your aunt to see her to the doctor of internal medicine, so that a thorough examination of all medical history, physical examination and direct observation, also support such as a complete blood test, kidney function test, liver function test, ultrasound and possibly X-rays when needed. From there, you can get a big picture of your aunt's condition and the best treatment can be determined.

Meanwhile, if your aunt still refuses to be advised to improve her lifestyle, persuade her in a subtle way, and try to follow her mindset, don't be confronted immediately because she might have her own reasons. What is clear, instill in him that whatever the reason, to be able to return to health as usual, active and no longer suffer, something must be changed. And that begins with no longer consuming energy drinks and increasing consumption of nutritious foods such as meat, fruit and vegetables. If it is said to be bad, make sure that life can become much worse if his health deteriorates.

In essence, an examination by a doctor of internal medicine must be done to understand your aunt's condition and the best treatment, and because conditions like this may not be able to completely heal immediately, maybe even have to do dialysis forever, provide understanding to change, so that everything he can live with sincerity . So, hopefully answering your question.

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