Pain In The Left Wrist

Illustration of Pain In The Left Wrist
Illustration: Pain In The Left Wrist

Afternoon dock, I want to ask my left wrist hurts and if the pain is bent more pain, then there is a small lump on the wrist parallel to the thumb. why is that, doc? I’m afraid it’s ganglion. Is it necessary to use a decker to relieve pain? thank you

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Hello Grace,

Thank you for the question.

Pain that is felt in the left wrist, accompanied by the appearance of a lump on the wrist, could indeed indicate that you have a ganglion. This ganglion is predicted to arise due to disruption in the tissue that surrounds the joint or tendon, thus making the liquid inside sticking out and forming lumps. When small in size, ganglions often do not cause complaints. However, when enlarged, this ganglion can press on the nerves, giving rise to pain.

In addition to the ganglion, your complaint may also occur due to other factors, for example skin infections (abscesses, folliculitis, cellulitis, shingles), arthritis (rheumatoid arthritis, gout arthritis), joint dislocation, hematoma, edema, benign or malignant tumors, nerves clamps, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-injury, and so on.

Conditions like this, if it causes extreme pain, it should not be allowed to drag on. Go check yourself in the nearest health facility. There, the doctor can check the physical condition of your hand that is experiencing the complaint, or also conduct further examinations, such as x-rays, ultrasound, biopsy, and so on. If the ganglion triggers your complaint, the handling can be done by immobilization, aspiration, and even surgery. But if another originator originates, of course it can be different handling again. So, the most appropriate determine whether you need to use a decker or not, surely the doctor who examined you directly. It could be, later you will be referred to a neurologist or surgeon.

In the meantime, you can compress first with warm water in your painful hand area. Avoid over-pressing, massaging, or stabbing lumps that appear on your wrist. Improve your personal hygiene. Also improve your hand posture when active. Finally, first rest your hands that feel pain and bulge from excessive physical activity, including writing, typing, holding gadgets, lifting heavy loads, and so on.

Hope this helps ...

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