Pain In The Lower Abdomen, Both On The Right Or Left Side?

Illustration of Pain In The Lower Abdomen, Both On The Right Or Left Side?
Illustration: Pain In The Lower Abdomen, Both On The Right Or Left Side?

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Pain in the lower abdomen, both on the right or left side, can be a variety of possible causes, for example:

Gastrointestinal disorders, for example appendicitis, peritonitis, food poisoning, food intolerance or malabsorption, inflammation of the intestine, irritable bowel syndrome
Urinary tract disorders, for example urinary tract infections, cystitis, bladder stones, kidney stones
Reproductive tract disorders, for example endometriosis, pre menstrual syndrome, myomas, ovarian cysts, pelvic inflammation
Others, for example nerve nerves, fibromyalgia, hernias, psychosomatic disorders, muscle cramps, etc.

A history of chronic appendicitis that you have suffered can contribute to this pain. Definitively, the appendix is ​​indeed treated surgically. Inadequate treatment has the risk of causing appendicitis to rupture and arising perintonitis (inflammation of the lining of the stomach cavity) which triggers severe pain in the stomach, nausea, vomiting, decreased appetite, and can even lead to death. Not only that, your habit of eating late, also likes to consume soft drinks and coffee can also trigger gastrointestinal irritation that aggravates pain. Lack of drinking also increases your risk of experiencing urinary tract disorders that can trigger pain.

So that your condition can be clearly evaluated for the cause, try to see yourself directly to the doctor or specialist in internal medicine for a thorough physical examination, or assisted also with laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, and other supporting tests. At this time, you should live the following recommendations:

Compress the abdominal pain with warm water, or take the drug paracetamol first to reduce pain
Get used to eating regularly, do not always consume foods and drinks that irritate digestion, such as spicy, oily, gassed, bersantan, soft drinks and caffeinated
Drink more water
Don't make it a habit of holding back poop
Don't stress too much, increase relaxation and rest
Regularly exercising, mainly stretching sports, such as yoga or swimming
Do not carelessly take other medicines except on prescription from a doctor

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