Pain In The Lower Abdomen

Illustration of Pain In The Lower Abdomen
Illustration: Pain In The Lower Abdomen

Hello doc, I have been sick for several days. I feel that I have a fever, headache, and at the beginning there is stomach pain. Well, when I went to the pharmacy, the doctor said that it was weak kidney, is that true? I thought it was just stomach ulcers, because the next day it was no longer felt …

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Hello Zufar, thank you for asking at

First of all I want to clarify that in the medical world there has never been known the term weak kidneys, so there is no scientific explanation of what kidney weakness you mentioned suffered.

In addition, if you experience complaints, it is very important to consult with your doctor (both general practitioner or specialist doctor) so that you get a clear and valid evaluation of your condition. It is not advisable to indiscriminately buy drugs (especially hard drugs) based only on symptoms without any clear advice from a doctor because it can worsen your condition.

For complaints that you experience, these complaints can indeed be caused by a disruption in the digestive tract (ulcer) such as stomach acid disease or dyspepsia syndrome, but can also be caused by other conditions such as urinary tract infections, kidney inflammation, appendicitis, typhus, or intestinal inflammation.

Therefore, if your complaint arises again, it is very important to immediately consult your complaint to the doctor for direct evaluation so that it can be determined what is the possible cause and what therapy should be given in accordance with the condition you are suffering from. If you find it difficult to check yourself directly to the doctor, you can use the feature to chat directly with the doctor on the application to help you get your first treatment regarding your complaint. It is not recommended that you buy medicines carelessly without clear instructions from your doctor.

In the meantime, there are some suggestions you can make at home even if complaints are not felt, such as:

 Maintaining adequate and balanced nutritious food intake Avoiding irregular eating patterns or deliberately past mealtimes Limiting the consumption of acidic, spicy, caffeinated, and fizzy foods while Maintaining the cleanliness of food, cutlery and hands when going to eat Avoiding cigarettes and alcoholic drinks Maintain a minimum intake of 2 liters per day Avoid the habit of holding urinating Avoid excessive stress Hope it helps.

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