Pain In The Lumbar Area After A Caesarean.?

Illustration of Pain In The Lumbar Area After A Caesarean.?
Illustration: Pain In The Lumbar Area After A Caesarean.?

Alodok, I’m ananda. I have a mother who gave birth to my sister about 3 years ago. Gave birth to a cesarean section. After giving birth to my sister, my mom often got sick in the waist area, around the kidney area. And until now the pain is still there. That’s why? Thank you:))

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Hello Ananda

Complaints of pain in the abdomen and lumbar area can be influenced by various factors, although if it is roughly located around the area where the human kidney is located, it is not certain that kidney disorders are the cause of lumbago or pain in the abdominal area. .

Pain in the waist can be caused by:

Pain in the lumbar muscles, for example due to lifting heavy items, exercising excessively, or due to physical trauma due to impact, falling or being hit
Changes in bone structure, which tends to occur with age into old age
Radiculopathy, which is inflammation due to spinal cord compression
Spinal stenosis, narrowing of the nerve canal due to pressure on the bone marrow nerves
Spondylolisthesis, displacement of the vertebrae so that they finally compress or clamp the spinal nerves
Kidney stones

But once what Ananda's mother experienced may not be one of the conditions above, because these things are limited to the possibility that could be the cause of complaints of back pain, doctors still need to dig up more information in order to ascertain what exactly is the cause of pain on the waist. For example, by conducting a directed interview session and an objective physical / physical examination, and if necessary supporting examinations such as X-rays, blood tests, CT-scans, etc. may be needed. So don't forget to persuade Ananda's mother to go to the doctor first.

As for some things Ananda's mother could try to do so that her complaints would not get worse

Reducing physical activity, especially activities such as lifting heavy objects
Sleep in the supine position
Drink plenty of water
Do not lie too long or sleep, because it can cause body aches

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