Pain In The Middle Finger?

Illustration of Pain In The Middle Finger?
Illustration: Pain In The Middle Finger?

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A sore finger is after an activity or a heavy burden that accompanies the possibility of finger trauma or muscle injury during the activity. When you are doing strenuous activities such as using a bucket filled with water in a large number, this can lead to several possible risks of injury, such as injury when lifting a bucket, injury when carrying a bucket and possible injury when pouring water. These things can be caused by excessive pressure and resistance by the workings of your muscles and joints, causing inflammation in related areas.
Complaints that accompany can be complaints of pain, uncomfortable joint movements, trembling fingers, swelling, to the presence of sores or skin irritation. In the initial step of handling is to relax the pressure area and the area of ​​the finger that hurts, in addition to giving ice or cold water compresses on your finger area.
Aside from this trauma or injury, complaints of pain in your finger area can also be caused by:
1. a wound on the finger
2. arthritis
3. any foreign matter entering your finger skin
4. finger dislocation
5. trauma to the nail
6. injury to the nerve area of ​​the fingers

If due to a muscle injury, it may require a recovery period of around 4-5 days with the help of a mild stretch, and cold water compresses days 1-3 and warm water compresses on the following day. However, if these complaints bother you more, you should consult directly with your family doctor or your bone specialist. The doctor will do a physical examination, and radiological examination if needed. Care and treatment will be given according to the examination results obtained. For now, avoid risky activities and heavy burdens on your fingers.
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