Pain In The Molars To Around The Eyes?

Illustration of Pain In The Molars To Around The Eyes?
Illustration: Pain In The Molars To Around The Eyes?

Hello Doctor, I’m Andre, 23 years old. Want to ask, during this week my right eye socket hurt once every morning until noon, once the afternoon the pain subsided. At night it doesn’t hurt at all. The pain comes together with the upper right graham toothache. Previously I caught the flu, but now the flu has subsided (there is still mucus but a little). Does my sinusitis recur? (1 year ago I had sinusitis). Please enlighten me, thank you.

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Hi Andre,

Thank you for asking

That's right, sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinus cavity, can cause flu with pain around the eyes, upper graham teeth, and can even spread to the forehead, cheeks, and all other parts of the head. If not treated properly, sinusitis can be a chronic condition (not improving or recurring for more than 3 weeks), so it is very disruptive to activities. Not only the flu and also pain, chronic sinusitis sufferers also often experience olfactory disorders, taste disturbances, often smell foul odors, experience abnormal discharge from the nasal cavity that is often recurring (usually in the form of green mucus, foul smelling, or recurring nosebleeds), dizziness, until the sensation of swallowing phlegm into the throat that does not go away.

In addition to sinusitis, you may also experience pain related to other causes, such as asthenopia, migraine, cluster headache, dental impaction, jaw joint disorders, tension headaches, viral or bacterial infections, meningitis, trigeminal neuralgia, psychosomatic disorders , etc.

If it is true that this complaint has occurred for a week, with an intensity that is severe enough to interfere with activities, you should consult yourself directly to a doctor or neurologist. A thorough neurological examination will be done by the doctor to rule out possible causes of pain originating from nerve disorders. However, if the doctor really suspects that there is a problem in your sinus cavity, the doctor may also refer you to an ENT specialist for further treatment.

At this time, what you can do is:

Take a lot of over-the-counter pain relievers at pharmacies (for example paracetamol)
Compress the eye area and the painful surroundings with warm water
If you have allergies, such as cold, pollen, animal hair, dust mites, or other substances, avoid yourself from these allergens
Do not smoke
Eat nutritious foods, especially fruits that contain vitamin C
much rest

Hope this helps ...

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