Pain In The Navel After Drinking Herbs?

Illustration of Pain In The Navel After Drinking Herbs?
Illustration: Pain In The Navel After Drinking Herbs?

Hello, I am 19 years old, since last year, my period was often late, it could be 2-3 months. Because I was annoyed, I took the herbal turmeric to improve my menstrual schedule, but one hour after taking the herbal medicine, my navel was sore, especially when it was used to walk upright, or when urinating. Is the pain in my navel related to irregular menstrual schedule / the turmeric herb? Thank you 🙏

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Hello, Thank you for the question.

Irregular periods can normally occur during the first few years after the first period. This is caused by reproductive hormones that are still not balanced so that it affects the menstrual cycle. Irregular menstruation can also be caused by other conditions such as excessive physical activity, high stress levels, strict diet, obesity, drastic weight changes, eating disorders such as anorexia, physical stress on the body due to a disease, thyroid hormone disorders. , polycystic ovary syndrome.

Does the navel area hurt only after you consume the herbal medicine or does it continue to be felt even though you did not consume the herbal medicine? If you only feel it after consuming the herbs, then these symptoms may be related to the consumption of these herbs, which can cause stomach ulcers, acid reflux disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and others. However, complaints of abdominal pain around the navel area can also be caused by other causes such as gasroenteritis, urinary tract infections, endometriosis, myoma, and others.

If this complaint occurs continuously, you should consult directly with a doctor. Your doctor needs to ask about your complaint and examine you to find the cause. Likewise with complaints of irregular menstruation, if it is worrying you, do not hesitate to consult an obstetrician and gynecologist because without an examination by a doctor, it is impossible to know the cause of your complaint. The next treatment will be determined by the doctor based on the medical condition that underlies your complaint.

Please do the following suggestions:

avoid excessive physical activity, get plenty of rest
improve your diet, avoid strict diets
exercise regularly
keep your body weight ideal
try to manage stress well
Apply warm compresses to the sore stomach area to relieve pain or take paracetamol if stomach pain gets worse

Hope this answer helps you.

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