Pain In The Pit Of The Stomach Radiating To The Back And Waist?

Illustration of Pain In The Pit Of The Stomach Radiating To The Back And Waist?
Illustration: Pain In The Pit Of The Stomach Radiating To The Back And Waist? Bing

Tanya. I am Mega Ariyanti. I am 24 years old. Since last September I have complained of pain in the pit of my stomach until my chest feels tight and pain goes to my back and radiates to my waist. As well as the urge to burp and have difficulty defecating. I have checked the lab, the results of the urine test are positive 2 and the chest x-ray results are normal and the abdominal ultrasound is normal.rnI was hospitalized for 1 week and was given antibiotics and oral medication meloxican and ondansetron injection.rnHowever. until now heartburn. The pain in the back to the waist is still felt to interfere with sleep patterns.. and I want to keep on belching.rnI once checked the health center and the results of the types of diagnosis. The results of the Widal parathyphi test A and B 1/80… a doctor who specializes in disease in the diagnosis of types. But for 2 weeks taking the types of medicine there was no change. Then I went to the hospital. And the results were as above.rnWhat do you think is the pain?rnThank you

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Pain in the pit of the heart accompanied by tightness in the chest is often complained of by many people. Sometimes also accompanied by back pain radiating to the waist. These complaints are sometimes interrelated or come from separate medical conditions.

From the history of complaints and medications you've been on, you may have stomach ulcers.

Heartburn is a term used for indigestion. Heartburn can be triggered by several things below:

Problems with gastric acid production due to certain types of food and drinks that irritate digestion, unhealthy lifestyle, long-term use of anti-pain & anti-inflammatory drugs, use of antibiotics, shortness of breath medication.

Sores / ulcers on the wall of the stomach or duodenum. Stomach ulcers are an advanced condition of the inflammation of the stomach that is infected with bacteria.

Irritable bowel syndrome, complaints in the form of problems with bowel movements can be in the form of diarrhea or constipation that occur alternately. This complaint persisted for 2 weeks.


Gallbladder and/or pancreatic problems, usually accompanied by severe abdominal pain.

Physical symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Investigation is a series of tests used to support diagnosis. So that the supporting examination will be used by your doctor to find a diagnosis and the underlying cause of your complaint.

You need to know the diagnosis and medical treatment steps prescribed by your doctor. Then discuss your medical condition further with the doctor who has examined and treated you directly so far. Consult about your digestive complaints and back pain that has not improved with the treatment that has been done so far. Ask if you need to make any specific changes related to food, drink, and lifestyle.

For investigations, for indigestion suspected by a serious medical condition, usually the doctor may recommend endoscopy. Endoscopy can help doctors see firsthand the condition of the upper and lower digestive tract.

Back pain radiating to the waist can be caused by various problems, which may be related to your digestive complaints, or is a condition related to posture problems, flat feet, spine problems, body movements / activities that are not appropriate to be carried out regularly. over and over again. The cause of low back pain determines the appropriate treatment. After conducting a medical examination, usually the doctor will recommend an X-ray, CT scan / MRI of the spine.

Read here about Back Pain.

The treatment given by the doctor really needs to be supported by consistent changes to a healthier lifestyle.

Try some of the following tips that you can try to reduce digestive complaints:

Eat more often with smaller portions, limit the distance between meals no more than 3 hours. Between meals, you can eat healthy snacks such as vegetables/fruits/biscuits.

Dinner no later than 7 o'clock. Choose the type of food that is not greasy and easy to digest. This helps you rest well when the stomach is not too full.

Chocolate, tea, coffee, alcoholic beverages, spicy foods, foods/drinks that are too acidic and fizzy can trigger indigestion.

Do not smoke and avoid exposure to secondhand smoke. Toxins in cigarette smoke can be swallowed into the stomach and cause digestive complaints.

Use clothes that are loose in the stomach and waist area to reduce discomfort in the stomach.

If you are overweight or even obese (check through your Body Mass Index), make an effort to lose weight in a healthy way.

Take care of your posture when working and doing activities.

That's the information we can share, hopefully it helps you.

Best regards, Dr Caecilia Haryu Aryapti.

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