Pain In The Rectum With A History Of Hemorrhoids?

Illustration of Pain In The Rectum With A History Of Hemorrhoids?
Illustration: Pain In The Rectum With A History Of Hemorrhoids? Bing

Hello, good evening greetings to all of us. I would like to ask a question I am a 21 year old young man. Recently I experienced pain inside the rectum when I was doing physical activities such as playing soccer, futsal and sprinting. Does this have anything to do with my ambient disease?. And also I want to ask what is the most effective ambient drug in the market? I want to get better, please find a solution. If a doctor, how much do I need to pay? I am an underprivileged person. Thank you doctor may always be given health and a long life. Amen

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Hi Director,

Thank you for asking

Inflamed hemorrhoids (piles, hemorrhoids) can indeed cause quite disturbing pain in the anal area. This pain is generally worse when there is excessive friction or pressure in the anal area, for example when you sit, walk or run excessively (including when exercising), wearing tight pants, and so on. It could also be, the pain worsens when you are constipated (constipation, hard bowel movements).

In addition to pain, hemorrhoid sufferers will generally experience other complaints, ranging from fresh bloody stools, a lumpy sensation in the anus, and a lump in the anus which can be temporary or can also appear continuously.

In addition to hemorrhoids, pain in the anus as you are experiencing arises due to other causes, for example:

Anal fissure (tear in the wall of the anus) Anal fistula (formation of an abnormal channel that connects the anus to other organs) Anal abscess (pus-filled sac due to infection in the anus) Genital herpes (Herpes simplex virus infection) History of buttocks injury Colorectal cancer (malignant tumor of the large intestine) Anal cancer (malignant tumors of the anus) Psychosomatic disorders, and so on. Because the cause is not necessarily hemorrhoids, then you should not use hemorrhoid drugs indiscriminately unless it is prescribed by a doctor. First, check with your doctor to identify your complaint, whether the cause of the pain really comes from hemorrhoids, or if there are other causes. If true because of hemorrhoids, then definitive treatment can be done with surgery. However, before deciding on surgery, the doctor may also prioritize conservative therapy, for example in the form of giving drugs, either taken directly or also inserted into the anus.

Meanwhile, in order to minimize the pain you feel, you can take paracetamol first. Avoid hard defecation, namely by drinking more, increasing fiber consumption, and not getting used to holding back the urge to defecate. Always keep your anus and intimate organs clean, and stay away from casual sex (including anal sex).

Hope it helps ya..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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