Pain In The Right Abdomen To The Buttocks And Anus?

Illustration of Pain In The Right Abdomen To The Buttocks And Anus?
Illustration: Pain In The Right Abdomen To The Buttocks And Anus? Bing

, I have pain in the uterus (to be precise on my right side) to the buttocks and anus, the pain is not continuous, sometimes it goes away when sitting down, sometimes it comes back when I stand up, but it hurts when I want to sit down. What do you think is the cause? Thank you.

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Complaints of pain radiating from the lower abdomen to the anus and buttocks can be based on several medical conditions such as:

If you are a woman, it can be related to disorders / problems in the reproductive system such as symptoms related to menstruation, ovulation, pregnancy outside the womb, symptoms of miscarriage, endometriosis, fibroid tumors in the uterus, infection / cervical cancer, inflammation of the fallopian tubes, diseases sexually transmitted infections that infect the uterus and symptoms of uterine cancer. In addition to complaints of lower abdominal pain, reproductive problems will usually be accompanied by other complaints such as vaginal discharge, abnormal menstrual cycles, and pain during sexual intercourse.

Other problems such as abdominal muscle injury/bruising, intestinal infections, appendicitis, bladder and kidney infections/stones/tumors, and hip fractures.

Complaints of lower abdominal pain that you feel when you stand up and will sit may be related to abdominal muscle contractions. However, more detailed medical questions and answers are needed, direct physical examination. So check with your doctor to make sure what medical conditions you are experiencing.

If the doctor suspects a serious medical condition, the doctor may suggest additional tests such as blood tests, vaginal mucus examination (if you have vaginal discharge), abdominal X-ray or abdominal ultrasound. The doctor will determine the most appropriate treatment based on your disease.

To relieve pain, you should avoid strenuous physical activity and lifting heavy objects, and drink adequate amounts of water. Practice a healthy lifestyle consistently to avoid disease.

You can read more about Lower Abdominal Pain here.

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