Pain In The Right And Right Waist Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath?

Illustration of Pain In The Right And Right Waist Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath?
Illustration: Pain In The Right And Right Waist Accompanied By Shortness Of Breath?

I want to ask, I am 17 years old lately, I often breathe, have difficulty sleeping, feel thirsty until my lips then broken and dry, I also felt pain in the right waist 3 days, why is that?

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Complaints of shortness of breath, cracked lips, insomnia and low back pain that you feel at this time may be triggered by a stomach disorder accompanied by anxiety or stress. when you experience anxiety or stress, then the condition of your body will feel uncomfortable, whether in the form of headaches, muscle aches, increased stomach acid to sleep disorders. when stomach acid complaints begin to increase, this condition will cause irritation to the stomach and digestive disorders, so that if digestive complaints are not controlled properly, then this can result in complaints of lip rupture, until breathing is uncomfortable or tightness, so that all medical conditions The above must be handled and controlled properly.
If indeed you experience stress or anxiety, then you should begin to ascertain the cause of this anxiety, whether due to unfinished tasks, unfavorable social relations, or family problems you are encountering. By controlling anxiety or stress triggers, it is hoped that these accompanying complaints will improve and your condition will improve.
Apart from anxiety and stomach disorders, several other conditions can also cause complaints of tightness and pain in your waist, such as:
1. respiratory infections
2. heart problems
3. liver disorders
4. digestive infections
5. disorders of the spine
It is best to consult directly with your family doctor or your internal medicine doctor. The doctor will conduct interviews, physical examinations and supporting examinations as needed. The results of this examination will be a reference for your doctor to provide care and treatment for you.
For now, you should avoid spicy foods, avoid sleeping late and try to be able to exercise regularly. Inadequate water needs and avoid salty foods to help restore dry lips.
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