Pain In The Right Groin.?

Illustration of Pain In The Right Groin.?
Illustration: Pain In The Right Groin.?

I iva women aged 36 years … it’s been a week between the right groin of the upper vagina in touch pain … but it’s not swollen what is going on so the body is also feverish all … thanks … please help attention

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Hello Iva, thanks for asking.

Pain in the vagina or vulva (outer lips of the vagina) is often referred to as vulvodynia. This condition can occur due to a trigger, but can also occur without a clear trigger. Some possible causes of vaginal pain, including:

Injury to the genital area. Injury can occur due to blunt trauma (for example in accidents) or due to sexual acts.
Irritation due to an ingredient, such as soap or sanitary pads.
Allergic reaction to an ingredient.
Bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.

You should consult this matter with your doctor, be it through general practitioners, dermatologists and genitals, or obstetricians. In the meantime keep the genital area clean properly. Do not use soap to clean the area, wash thoroughly with clean water. Make sure the genitalia area is not moist especially after urinating and defecating. Use underwear that is made from absorbing sweat. Avoid using clothes that are too tight.

Hopefully this answer can help you. Regards.

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