Pain In The Right Pelvis During Menstruation?

Illustration of Pain In The Right Pelvis During Menstruation?
Illustration: Pain In The Right Pelvis During Menstruation? Bing

Hello, I want to ask, lately I often have pain in my right hip, it feels deep and feels connected to the bone. if you sit too long you like to be sore, like something is blocking it. And the pain is from the groin to the right hip, sometimes the pain radiates towards the back of the waist or down the leg. but the pain that is felt is not too high, only at the level of aches or tension. if held a little hard. I have consulted a doctor, but the indications are only muscle cramps, I am advised to exercise regularly. now I exercise regularly, at times my muscles all feel cramped because I’m surprised to exercise, the pain feels the same as what I feel in other muscles, especially when it feels on the left too, but with routine exercise the pain in other parts disappears, but the one in the right pelvis doesn’t is lost. I don’t know if it has anything to do with it or not, but since 3 months before the pain appeared, every month I feel excruciating pain, if I don’t drink mefinal it doesn’t go away. then there was more blood than usual, liquid until it was difficult to move because it was always leaking. then once I had my menses for almost 2 weeks without stopping, then 1 week they stopped and then menstruation again. usually never. now my breasts also often hurt, tight as if I want to menstruate. but there is no vaginal discharge at all, I always change my pads or underwear regularly. why? do I need to check again, or more specifically to the obstetrician? which method is better? ultrasound or there are other more specific examination methods. I’m afraid there is a serious problem in my uterus or ovaries. thank you, I hope the doctor can help give an explanation to me.

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Hi jessss. Thank you for your inquiry. Menstruation is a woman's routine cycle that occurs every 21-35 days starting from the first day of menstruation. During menstruation, women experience bleeding from the vagina on average for 2 days to 1 week with an average blood volume of 30-70 milliliters. However, some women experience menstrual disturbances either from the length of menstruation, the amount of blood during menstruation, or the regularity of menstruation. Abnormalities in menstruation can be divided into several categories, namely:

Menorrhagia (excessive blood volume during menstruation)

Oligomenorhea (menstruation coming after 90 days or more from the first day of last menstruation)

Amenorrhoea (menstruation stops completely) both primary amenorrhea, which is that you have never menstruated at all after you are 16 years old or more, or secondary amenorrhea where you have menstruated before but the cycle has stopped for 3 months or more continuously.

Menstrual pain

If you do experience disturbances in your menstruation, then you should consult directly with an obstetrician. The doctor will examine you, starting with questions and answers, physical examination and if necessary the doctor will carry out supporting examinations. Regarding what examinations you need to do, the doctor who examines you will certainly know more about what examinations you need to find out the cause of your complaint. Including to ascertain whether your complaint of pelvic pain is related to your menstrual disorders or not.

May be useful.

Regards, Dr. Diane

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