Pain In The Right Side Of The Body, Especially The Area Under The Breast?

Illustration of Pain In The Right Side Of The Body, Especially The Area Under The Breast?
Illustration: Pain In The Right Side Of The Body, Especially The Area Under The Breast?

Good morning. These past few days I have experienced pain in the area around the bottom of my breast to the arm area near the armpit. Pain is most felt when just waking up. After a while the pain usually lessens but when sitting down I feel my chest depressed and have difficulty breathing. When I cough I feel more pain. A few days ago I had seen a general practitioner but because the complaint was not specific I was only given pain relievers ketoprofen and vit B neurohax. Yesterday I stopped taking the medicine and this morning the pain even more felt so that I could not wake up. I wonder what causes this? Do I need to see a doctor again for a check-up or just finish this medicine first?

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Hello. Thank you for the question on
Pain under the breast do you mean what does it mean the location of pain in the chest?
If so, pain in the chest can be caused by interference with the structure inside, such as:

Muscle pain, can occur due to strenuous activities involving the chest muscles, for example after exercise push ups Inflammation of the lining of the heart herpes zooster (nerve pain after herpes zooster infection) To determine the cause, you should check with your doctor first to be examined directly. If necessary the doctor will refer you to a particular specialist according to the suspicion of the disease.
As for what you should do is:
Limit heavy physical activity Overcome stress well Avoid consumption of cigarettes, alcohol, and high-fat foods Regular exercise That's all my explanation, hopefully helpful and useful :)

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