Pain In The Shoulder And X-rays?

Illustration of Pain In The Shoulder And X-rays?
Illustration: Pain In The Shoulder And X-rays? I want to ask you about my mother’s illness. My mother was 64 years old, when my mother’s left shoulder hit my father’s deceased head before he died because he had to support my father’s illness. never healed already sorted and there were no results, I took action to X-rayed and the results after the X-ray results are as follows: Bone Structure Normal1. No visible lyrics, skelerotik and destruction lesions.2. No visible discontinuity. No visible periosteal reaction. The acromioclavicular and glenohumeral sinus joints appear normal. Calcified soft tissue in the Greater Tubercle region. Impressions: – No visible fractures or allocated. – Overview of calcified soft tissue in the Region of Greater Tubercle sinistra. Please help me, what is the result of my mother’s X-ray … Thank you.

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Need to be explored further about the conditions experienced by your mother. Since when pain in the left shoulder is experienced, what triggers pain in the shoulder area (collision or accident, other symptoms experienced in addition to pain in the shoulder (shoulder joint dislocation, bumps on the shoulder, tingling in the shoulder and arm area), history of trauma to the shoulder area, history of surgery or medical action on the shoulder area, history of shoulder dislocation, or history of treatment or sequencing that has been done.

Pain in the shoulder can be caused by several possible causes, including:

Frozen shoulder
Injury to the muscles and tendons of the shoulder joint
Dislocation of the shoulder joint
Inflammation of the shoulder joint

It is advisable to consult a doctor regarding further examinations and management related to shoulder conditions experienced by your mother. It is necessary to do a physical examination related to the range of movement of your mother's shoulders, and it can be considered for imaging the shoulder area. From the results of imaging or X-rays of the shoulder that you describe the results, found no dislocation or fracture in the bone. It is recommended to bring the results of the x-ray to the doctor who instructed or conducted a discussion with the doctor if the X-ray examination was done without doctor's instructions.

Avoid extreme movements in the shoulder area, avoid activities or sports or lift weights that are too heavy, avoid sequencing because it can cause further injury to the shoulder area, can do cold compresses to help reduce pain, can stretch according to ability, ensure sleep does not depress the position of a painful shoulder.

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