Pain In The Shoulder To The Arm?

Illustration of Pain In The Shoulder To The Arm?
Illustration: Pain In The Shoulder To The Arm?

Doctor, I often experience shoulder pain and arm joints. My physiotherapist said besides rigid muscles there is inflammation in the joints of the arms. I have also experienced pain around the knee and the muscles around my knee are inflamed. The question is why do I often experience inflammation of the joints? And how to prevent arthritis? Does drinking milk help? Thank you

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Pain in the shoulder and joints of the arm need to be explored further about the condition. Since when has pain in the joints experienced, what are the factors that trigger pain (autoimmune diseases, joint infections, collisions / accidents), pain characteristics, location of pain experienced, pain intensity, is there a certain time the pain feels aggravated or improved, a history of illness experienced ( gout, recurrent arthritis, history of accidents or operations in the area concerned), history of treatment that has been done to reduce symptoms (drugs, sequencing).

Pain in the joint condition can be caused by several possible causes, including injury to the ligamentous area, joints, tendons, cartilage in the associated area, gout, pseudogout, rheumatoid arthritis, trauma or post-accident, joint infection (septic arthritis), joint dislocation, joint area malignancy.

To prevent painful conditions in the joints, it is advisable to consult a doctor related to the examination and management of the condition of the joints that you experience. Keep in mind the underlying cause of pain or inflammation of the joints, so that treatment can be given in accordance with the medical condition. It is not advisable to do strenuous activities / sports first, do not take medication yourself without doctor's instructions.

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