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at nightrnrnLast december I received treatment from the hospital in the form of arthroscopy, after the operation my left leg experienced numbness that did not go awayrnAfter 1 week it turned into pain and soreness in the sole of the footr nI was consul returned to orthopedics and was advised to do physiotherapy but the condition of my feet actually got worsernAt first the pain was not intense but turned into pain and pain non-stop making me unable to sleep for days and when the air is cold it hurts even more when the air cold my toes will reflexively move like an electric shockrnI went back to the orthopedic doctor and was referred for an MRIrnThe MRI results showed that there was a pinched nerve in the spinernBut he still had pain and pain that I experienced in the palms the leg has nothing to do with the clamping of the nervernAnd I was instead diagnosed with herpes and referred to a dermatologistrnBut when I was consulted and examined by a dermatologist, the dermatologist ts b confused and wondering why I was said to have herpesrnPlease explain what is actually the pain and pain that I experience constantly on the soles of my feet?rnThank you

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Hi Enma, Thank you for your question on

Arthroscopy is a passive minimalistic procedure where the doctor will insert a camera (endosopic camera) into the human body. Generally, the endoscope camera will be inserted into the joints, such as the shoulder and knee joints. In the world of Orthopedics, Arthroscopy is used to confirm a doctor's diagnosis without having to perform an MRI examination.

Pain in the soles of the feet that you experience continuously the possible causes are:

There is a fracture in the heel bone

Excessive growth of bone at the heel

Tarsal tuner syndrome, damage to the small gap in the ankle through which nerves pass

Arthritis or joint inflammation due to autoimmune disease or due to aging

Fish eye or warts on the soles of the feet

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the membrane covering the muscle

Sprains or stretching of the connective tissue in the soles of the feet

Due to the influence of wearing high heels

What you can do to reduce pain in the soles of your feet is:

Compress the sore part with cold water
Take pain relievers such as paracetamol or ibuprofen
Lose weight, if you are overweight
Stop wearing high heels
Regular exercise

If the symptoms are getting bothersome, consult another doctor for a second opinion, the doctor will perform a physical examination on the soles of your feet, a foot X-ray examination (tarsal).

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Thank you, hopefully useful. dr. Nurmarwiyah

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