Pain In The Tailbone After Slipping In The Bathroom?

Illustration of Pain In The Tailbone After Slipping In The Bathroom?
Illustration: Pain In The Tailbone After Slipping In The Bathroom?

Tonight, this afternoon I slipped in the bathroom in a sitting position half sideways to the right. Since then, my coccyx aches when I lie down, walk, and sit. Not long after the fall, I compressed the coccyx with ice for 20 minutes, also pouring the oil of the warts. What I want to ask: 1. How long will this pain normally last? When should I feel suspicious if it still hurts? 2. What symptoms will I experience if this condition becomes serious? 3. Does this condition have the potential to cause other diseases? My mother said I could experience HNP or paralysis. Is it true? 4. What is the right sleeping position for me? So far I lay side-to-side alternately. I read on the site that I can take paracetamol and aspirin to ease pain. What dosage should I take? I am 24 years old.6. I read on the site that I can stretch. When is the right time to start stretching? Can it be done the same day I fell? What kind of movements should I do? 7. Which is better for me: Increase lying time or increase walking time? Or maybe there are things that are better than those two things? Thank you very much for the answers and explanations from the doctor. Hopefully it is useful not only for me, but also for others who experience the same thing.

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 1. Post-injury pain due to slipping is often annoying and uncomfortable. Pain can be temporary or may persist longer. This varies depending on the severity of the injury suffered. If there is only injury to the pelvic muscles or around the spine, usually the pain will gradually disappear within 1-2 weeks. However, if the injury causes damage to the spine, especially the tailbone or injures the nerves around it, the pain will be more persistent / last longer.

2. Serious conditions if symptoms of pain with severe intensity are found, it is difficult to move the body, especially in the area of ​​the hips down, weakness in the lower body, or interference with urination or bowel movements.

3. Injuries that affect the spine such as fractures / fractures, fractured bones, to nerve damage due to injury is a possible disease that can be caused by falls that affect the area of ​​the hip and spine.
 HNP (hernia nucleus pulposus) is a disorder in the spine. HNP occurs as a result of cushioning between the vertebrae that has soft texture, exits its normal path and pinches the surrounding nerves. This disease will cause problems in motor movements, sensory (related to sensation of touch, heat, taste) and autonomous (related to the function of bowel, bladder, sexual).
 This condition triggers the onset of symptoms, especially symptoms related to nerve problems such as pain that is felt in the leg or shoulder area, affecting muscle strength so that the ability to move is very limited, tingling sensation, numbness, heat, stiffness in some parts of the body. The symptoms caused are related to the area of ​​the vertebra which is disturbed. Difficult to resist urination or bowel movements and sexual problems can also be associated with the disease.
 HNP generally does not cause paralysis, but sufferers will be so disturbed by complaints that they can experience limitations in movement.

4. Your sleeping position is good enough. The tilted position to one side of the body by pinning the pillow between the knees or in the prone position can help to minimize pain in the coccyx post injury and provide comfort at rest.

5. If the pain tends to be mild - moderate, you can consume 500 mg of paracetamol 3-4 times a day. However, if pain is felt with moderate to severe intensity, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or opioids can help to relieve the pain. Of course, this drug can only be obtained with advice and prescriptions from a doctor directly. Aspirin is a drug that is useful as an pain relief, fever-reducing and antiplatelet. The use of this drug should be carried out under the supervision of a doctor directly, because it can trigger side effects such as bleeding in internal organs.

6. Stretching can begin if the pain has improved. If the pain is still felt heavy enough, you should avoid activities that can trigger the onset of the complaint.

7. Previously must be ascertained in advance, whether there are disturbances in the spine such as fractures and fractures with physical examination by doctors and X-rays to assess the condition of the spine. If bone fractures or cracks are indicated, immobilization by reducing movement is recommended. However, if no abnormalities are found in the spine, you can do activities such as walking a small path to help your muscular endurance.

We strongly encourage you to do the examination directly to the nearest doctor or orthopedic specialist so that your complaints can be further evaluated. The doctor will conduct an examination and medical considerations regarding the best treatment for you.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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